25 November 2006

Do you know who is on your contacts database?

Your contacts database is one of the most valuable assets any business has regardless of what product or service you provide.

Why is your database so valuable?
Simple really, it is the means to communicate with your customers and associates about your products / services enabling your business to operate.

However, you need to ensure that your data is accurate and here are some ideas for you:

  • Schedule time on a regular basis to update your database
  • Don't throw away someone's business card thinking they won't be of any benefit to you, you can't see into the future and they could be the perfect referral source
  • Categorise your contacts for easy filtering (clients, associates, suppliers etc)
  • Include as much information as possible as you can only remember so much
  • But most importantly, use your database (send out newsletters, emails, letters)

If you don't have time to maintain your database, then I suggest you either find the time or delegate the task.

To see how CKPA and a Virtual Assistant could help your business by maintaining your database and much more, contact us now.

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions

16 November 2006

What is a Virtual Assistant?

I am finding that a lot of people do not understand what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is and what they can do for a business.

The following is the definition of a VA that I use on my website and marketing material.

VA definition
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self employed professional providing administrative, secretarial and creative services on a remote basis. Working from their own fully equipped office, VA's work with a variety of different clients helping them in their businesses on an ad hoc, regular or project specific basis.

By partnering with their own VA, individuals and businesses can make more money by focussing on what they do best and growing their business.

Ways a VA can help
To give you an idea of how a VA can help, here at CKPA, we currently offer the following types of support

PA & Secretarial – diary management, travel arrangements, reminder service
Legal Secretary Support - emergency, ad hoc or regular support for UK solicitors
Administrative – typing, spreadsheets, databases, research
Creative – mail shots, websites, newsletters, desktop publishing
Events & Meetings – organisation of any type of event or meeting
Virtual Office – telephone answering, email management, fax service
Accounts – send out invoices, credit control, payment of invoices
Project Assistance – office move / relocation, recruitment drive, HR

I have also written a blog entry about other, non recognised ways a VA can help which you can find here.

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions

09 November 2006

What is your Indian name - part 2

As promised in part 1, below is the Indian name that I chose for my 60 second commercial for my networking group and the reason why.

"After careful thought, I believe that my Indian name would be 'queen bee like the wind'. Why, well the queen bee is the hub of the hive – industrious, in charge and organised. You know the wind is there, you can feel its presence but you can’t necessarily see it

I work as a Virtual Assistant helping people with their administrative needs but remotely, I don’t always meet all of my clients!

I can provide all the services you would expect a PA to be able to do and more for less than half the cost of employing a full time employee."

I thought my Indian name summed up what a Virtual Assistant does, but please leave your comments.

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions

02 November 2006

What is your Indian name - part 1

I belong to a networking group which meets on a weekly basis with a sole aim to generate business for members. Each week, all members have to do a 60 second 'commercial' telling other members about their business and the type of referral wanted.

Sometimes, when you do something each week, you don't change things and therefore lose the impact of your message. This is bad news when there are 20 other members who could be out referring their clients and associates to you - but don't because they have switched off and aren't listening to what you want.

To combat this, the Leadership Team decided to try to inject a little humour into the mix but also to get members to prepare a different 60 second commercial by giving them a challenge:

'In the film Dances with Wolves, Kevin Costner was given that name because Indians watched him chasing a wolf out in the field.

If the Indians observed you in your professional day to day activities, what would they name you and why?'

So have a think about what your Indian name would be and why - let me know your answers and I will reveal my answer in part 2.

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions