27 February 2007

Request for help please

I am busy writing content for my newsletter and I want to include some tips from successful networkers in my April edition (subscribe via website now).

For anyone who sends in a tip, I will include your name, company and website link which is sent out to my subscriber list.

Please send all tips via email.

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions

16 February 2007

Blogging as a useful marketing tool

What is a Blog?
A Blog is an online diary detailing an Authors thoughts and ideas. Used effectively, a Blog can help businesses reach their customers, target market and industry.

Why should I use a Blog?
Blogs are fast becoming a ‘must have’ addition to a businesses’ marketing and PR activities.

Used in conjunction with a website, newsletter and other media, a Blog can become another means to stay in touch with your target market – therefore increasing the chance of them saying ‘yes’!

I don’t have the time, how can I still utilise this tool?
To ensure that your Blog is successful, you need to make posts on a regular basis. If you can’t do this, then delegate to someone within your company or outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

Below are the top 3 software available for writing Blogs. However, technology changes daily so have a look at what is around!

Blogger – free facility and software which is extremely easy to use
Wordpress – open source but some programming skills would be an advantage
Typepad – small monthly cost involved

To learn more about Blogs and how it can help your business, contact us now.

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions

08 February 2007

Be consistent

I recently had a meeting with someone who I used to believe was good at what they did and valued their advice - I actually implemented their advice with some marketing material I had produced!

However, what really annoyed me was that the advice I had given was the total opposite of that given previously.

Why did this annoy me? Well I incorporated the ideas into my material as I wasn't the expert, yet now I am being told something completely different - please be consistent with me as now I am not going to believe what this person says in the future.

Anybody else want to share their experiences with advice, good and bad?

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions

02 February 2007

Think before you speak

Online networking is all the rave both on a personal and professional basis as technology and the internet has allowed people to access various forums regardless of location.

I belong to various organisations specific for Virtual Assistants and others relating to my personal and business interests. What I find amazing is how some people treat other people on these forums - as usual it is the minority that spoil it for the majority.

I have previously written about unprofessional conduct on a public forum before - read it here but thought I would give another example.

One of the forums I belong to was discussing the definition of a Virtual Assistant and a couple of these members were totally unprofessional, unethical and rude to other members - to the point of bullying.

To be honest, the definition of a Virtual Assistant is all down to personal opinion and I will not participate in any kind of dialogue where you are publicly ridiculed unless you agree to their dictation - that is why I left the corporate world after all!

Bottom line, remember that the internet is a public place and your posts are there to be seen by your peers and potential clients. Are you sure you want them to see you behaving unprofessionally? I don't think so.

There is a time and place for everything, so think before you speak!

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions