25 May 2006

4 great business card ideas

By Robert Warlow - Small Business Success

How often have you opened your office drawer to find a pen only to have to search your way through a pile of business cards collected over the past few months? Your immediate response is to throw them away and that’s the problem with business cards - they are usually unmemorable.

Here are some ideas on how you can make your business card a bit more useful.

Handy Websites
On the reverse of your card, why not list some web sites which your clients may find of use. They don’t have to be related to your line of business, for example you could print details on a site providing a list of jokes (useful for speech writing!).

Do You Remember?
Going to a networking event is the equivalent to a business card swapping club! Once your card goes into someone’s drawer they are unlikely to remember where you met. So on the back of the card, print “Do you remember we met at ………. and discussed …………” This should be a good memory jogger!

Print Your Picture
Our minds are more efficient at remembering pictures than words. Why not print your picture on your card? When the recipient looks at your card sometime later, he is much more likely to remember who you are and what you do.

What’s The Date?
People are always scratching around to find out what the date is. Print a calendar on the reverse of your card. This gives an excuse for someone to keep your card permanently in his pocket.

Take a fresh look at your business card and see what you can do to make it more memorable.

© Robert Warlow - Small Business Success

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Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions

18 May 2006

It's official - VA's have their own day

The Virtual Assistant (VA) industry started in USA around 1996 and has become a popular alternative to working in the corporate environment. VA's are huge in USA and are becoming more popular but it is a different story here in the UK as not a lot of people know what a VA is.

I was really excited to hear that our colleagues across the pond had established our very own International Virtual Assistants Day taking place tomorrow (19th May) in recognition to VA's across the globe.

What a great way to promote our industry to clients and I hope that us UK VA's can start to get the recognition we deserve from our continued efforts in educating the public.

So if you are a VA, have you took advantage of this? I must admit that I haven't but will definately include it in my marketing plan for next year.

Until next time,

Emma Walker
CKPA Office Solutions